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Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Hello Lionel,
> Am Samstag, den 16.06.2007, 15:22 +0200 schrieb Lionel Le Folgoc:
>> I would just like to say more about my reason for wanting to become a
>> core-dev and work in Main (looking at the packages list should give you
>> a little idea tough ;):
>> That's specifically to help Jani with Xubuntu development. Over the past
>> release I've become interested in helping with the development of
>> Xubuntu (and Ubuntu of course) and I think it's time that I offload my
>> sponsors by managing myself that stuff and push that involvement to the
>> next level.
> The records of your packaging work speak for you and I'd love to see
> more Xubuntu activity happen. So that's great.
> You joined the MOTUs ~11 weeks ago. What do you think was different
> working in main? Was it any harder? Did your style of work change? How
> do you check if the changes you upload are ok?

I don't think that I changed too much my style of work. I have already
been trying to make packages as good as possible, with no distinction
for Universe and Main.

The main change is that I am using these packages everyday against twice
or third times a week for the other packages I maintain; this makes bug
tracking a bit easier, although there's a bit more pressure/attention
since these packages are more widely used.

Concerning testing, I have already been using pbuilder with some hooks
to proceed many tests (i.e. whether the package installs/removes/purges
fine), and I usually test the built packages. Some time ago I managed to
set up another machine, so that I can check that a failure isn't related
to my customized install.

So I think that working for main improved in this way the quality of my


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