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Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Tue Jun 5 19:45:09 BST 2007

> <dholbach> <LaserJock> dholbach: mdz wants to wait
> <ogra> (for core-dev)
>  meh
> <dholbach> so we'll wait for all votes on MC

I'd like to clarify this, since it sounds like LaserJock didn't.  This isn't
really about the MC votes at all, but about having the application in so
that TB can look at it before the meeting.  One of the main reasons we
changed the process was because it makes no sense for someone to just turn
up and expect us to make a decision on the spot.  We need time to review the
application and collect any necessary input from other developers.

<LaserJock> hello
<mdz> hello
<LaserJock> I've a quick question for you
 I'm applying for core-dev
 and by the TB meeting today I can have all MOTU Council votes in except ajmitch (TZ issues)
<mdz> we actually prefer to have a little bit of notice to look over an application before the meeting
<LaserJock> the votes so far have all been +1, should I wait until I get the final vote?
 ok, that's fine
 I just wasn't sure
 I was hoping to get all the votes in yesterday
 but people are busy
<mdz> I understand
 but part of the reason for the new email-based process is to gather more information in advance of the meeting
<LaserJock> ok, no problem
<mdz> so the process is apply through MOTU council -> MOTU council forwards application to tech-board -> tech-board arranges interview (usually at an upcoming meeting)
 rather than the old "turn up at the next meeting and we'll scramble"
<LaserJock> I just thought since there was a TB meeting scheduled and it was a decent time for me I'd see

 - mdz

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