MOTU Application

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Mon Jun 4 18:10:47 BST 2007

Stefan Potyra wrote:
> Hi,
> On Saturday 02 June 2007 04:09:04 Mario Limonciello wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to apply for MOTU membership based upon the following
>> justification:
> [..]
>> Recently,
>> crimsun has also sponsored a few packages that I am also very happy with
>> [5] & [6].  Other sponsors that have uploaded a package or two for me
>> include LaserJock, jdong, Hobbsee, Toadstool, and persia. 
> @Sponsors: mind to give some feedback?

I reviewed Mario's backstep package on REVU. It only took a couple
comments and relatively few uploads to get it done. I've seen him around
#ubuntu-motu for a while now. So the stuff I've seen  has been pretty
good, though I haven't really seen a lot from him personally. Hopefully
others can speak more about his MythTV work.


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