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I would like to apply for MOTU membership based upon the following

I have worked with the MOTU team since last summer, July 2006 towards the
Edgy and Feisty releases.  I became active with the team in trying to get
mythtv and mythplugins packages fixed up prior to Edgy release.  Prior to my
working with those packages, mythtv hadn't been touched in Ubuntu since
mdz's last change in August of 2005.  Nearly all of my contributions in
Ubuntu have been centered around mythtv, mythplugins, or any applications
related to the functionality of an Ubuntu based mythtv box [1].  This
includes contributions towards hardware support such as the HDHomeRun, IVTV
drivers, IVTV firmware, and lirc[2].

Early on, imbrandon was my main sponsor and worked very closely with me to
get the initial packages merged and helped with looking over my first few
patches.  Later on, keescook joined the ubuntu-mythtv team with us, and
since then has sponsored a majority of my packages. [3] & [4]  Recently,
crimsun has also sponsored a few packages that I am also very happy with [5]
& [6].  Other sponsors that have uploaded a package or two for me include
LaserJock, jdong, Hobbsee, Toadstool, and persia. [1]  It appears that not
all of my uploads show up on launchpad, but my activity with mythtv and
mythplugins is apparent in the changelogs [3] & [4].

I would like to join MOTU in order to further continue working on the Ubuntu
MythTV experience.  Recently, Mythbuntu [7] was formally acknowledged [8]
and I intend to submit all patches, and additional packages used for it back
into the Ubuntu universe and multiverse.  I feel that Ubuntu can become the
distribution of choice to use for MythTV.


Thank you for your consideration,

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Mario Limonciello
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