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Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Tue Jul 31 20:02:45 BST 2007

Hi again,

Am Dienstag 31 Juli 2007 19:29:26 schrieb Aron Sisak:
> Hi Stefan et. al.,
> Stefan, you ask harder and harder questions. :-)

hehe :)

> > Well, I don't plainly buy the argument, that having "random new
> > packages" is all that bad. Getting in pet packages is imo an
> > incentive for hopefuls to contribute to ubuntu in the first place
> > (and it was definitely nice for me to see my first "own" package in
> >  the archive). Nonetheless I believe that Sarah is right in the
> > mail you quote that we end up with a number of packages in the
> > archive which aren't properly cared for in the long run. Also bug
> > fixing as you wrote is always a needed as well.
> Sorry, I don't wanted to offend anyone.

no offense taken.

> I just wanted to say that this is 
> an important area where MOTU(-wannabes) and Desktop Team can cooperate...
> > Now what do you believe are the main reasons that hopefuls rather
> > bring in new packages than fix existing ones? What could you do to
> >  motivate people to spend more time fixing bugs and less on
> > bringing in random new packages?
> Actually doing more difficult work with the same result might be hard to
> motivate. I mean creating / updating a package can be fairly simple,
> in contrast to fixing a bug (and applying the patch and updating the
> package). I guess it is in fact it is based on the good old "coding is
> fun" vs. "fixing bugs is not fun" problem.
> If you did some bug triaging, you might get the idea that "fixing
> bugs can be fun" as well. Now with some package updates behind me, I feel
> motivated to create packages with bug fixes. Maybe because solving
> (even) more complex tasks is fun. Of course there are also bugs with
> patches that "only" need to be packaged.
> These are my own motivations and have hardly any idea how to motivate
> others. Mentoring can prove useful. At least I often feel like
> "doing something" I cannot do (yet). But with a mentor this can be
> possible. Some kind of "MOTU Hug Day" could also be nice. I have had
> the feeling concerning recent Hug Days (held on #ubuntu-devel) that
> beginners are not motivated enough to fix bugs.

Ok, I hope that you will have some good ideas once you're a MOTU ;)

So, given this discussion, your contributions so far and the feedback from 
Sebastien and Daniel, +1 from me.


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