applying for MOTU membership

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Fri Jul 27 20:24:17 BST 2007

Hi Aron,

first off, sorry for the delay.

Am Montag 23 Juli 2007 21:06:18 schrieb Aron Sisak:
> As I have worked mostly with Gnome desktop packages, they have almost
> exclusively been sponsored by Daniel Holbach and Sebastien Bacher, who
> told me, I seem to be ready for applying for a MOTU membership.
> I am also an active member of the Bugsquad, the QA Team and the
> Hungarian LoCo Team.
> I have also applied for Ubuntu Membership at
> (still pending).

Seeing you work mainly on the desktop front, how do you rate the collaboration 
between the desktop team and MOTUs? What do you think is working out good and 
what could be improved?

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