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Sun Jul 8 17:16:30 BST 2007

Luke Yelavich ha scritto:
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> On Sun, Jul 01, 2007 at 02:03:51PM EST, Gauvain Pocentek wrote:
>> Hi Andrea,
>> Although the feedback from your CCed sponsors is good, I've also heard
>> from other sponsors with whom you seemed to have worked quite a lot, and
>> their feedback is not so good.
> As a sponsor for several of Andrea's merges, my concern is not so much 
> technical, but working as a team player with the rest of the MOTU 
> community.
> A couple of times I have seen Andrea file a merge bug, and have found 
> out from Andrea that he has not always asked the previous merger whether 
> they are happy for someone else to work on the package. I have prompted 
> for the previous merger to be asked, and things have sorted themselves 
> out from there.
I'm really curious to know who asks the previous merger before starting 
the work on a package; the new sponsorship process allows people to know 
who are working on what, which simplify the coordination between 
developers to not duplicate the work. Anyway multiple times I've seen 
someone doing merges I've previously done ... without asking, so I don't 
really understand this comment.
> Andrea, from what I have seen, bar a few things needing fixing here and 
> there, as already been said, I am still not convinced that you are ready 
> to become a MOTU, for the single reason of not yet seeing true teamwork 
> with the rest of the team.
I'm not really sure what you say it's true, I've worked with a great 
number of MOTUs (check sponsors comments) and I alwais try to cooperate 
with other team members in everything I do; I guess you've based your 
comments on the fact sometimes I don't ask the previous merger if I can 
work on something, calling it no teamwork.
>  Things may have changed a lot since I last 
>  worked with you however.
as I said in my (and sponsors) previous comments, a lot of things have 
changed since that time.

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