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Bryce Harrington bryce at
Sat Jul 7 16:01:28 BST 2007

[I had a few misspellings in my original post, please accept these
corrections and my apologies!]

Hi all,

I would appreciate if you consider this application for MOTU

My experience with MOTU activity primarily involves work with Xorg,
including package maintenance, bug triage and management, and
specification work.

So far, my most significant packaging work has been xorg-server,
mesa 7.0.0, and linux-restricted-modules  Other packages
I've touched are here:

My plans are to get all X packages up to date with upstream by Gutsy.  I
generate and maintain this page to track this:

I have taken responsibility for several feature specifications,
including Xorg 7.3 and Bullet-proof-x.  I have also begun developing an
Xorg smoke test script to do a quick validation of new Xorg packages, to
ensure changes do not break basic X functionality.

I have recently begun work to build a community of Xorg testers at; this is still in its infancy but I have high hopes.

   I have had several sponsors for my package uploads, including:
   Kees Cook, Kyle Martin, Daniel Holbach, Sebastien Bacher, Sarah

Ubuntu Membership:
   I am still waiting on Ubuntu membership, but please see

I also am an upstream founder/maintainer for the Inkscape project, where
I coordinate the releases, organize QA efforts, and take care of a wide
variety of project administrivia.  The QA efforts were pleasingly
successful; we started with one of the more crash-prone codebases on
GNOME, and have progressed it to being one of the most stable, while
simultaneously building its feature set to rival many commercial
graphics applications.  I think many of the techniques used there will
be applicable for Xorg, and I am hoping to help Ubuntu's Xorg achieve
similar increases in robustness in upcoming years.

Thank you,
Bryce Harrington
bryce at

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