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Thu Aug 9 01:32:23 BST 2007


Per your other response, I didn't realize my application was still open.  I
was considering reapplying again in the near future, per the encouragement
that I have been getting from Richard Johnson throughout the summer.

I'd like to follow up a bit with an update to go for more reconsideration in
my application.

Throughout the summer I have continued to supply new applications into
universe having them looked at by various people in -motu and primarily
sponsored by nixternal, TheMuso, and keescook.  If you look at my current
list of packages uploaded [1], you can see that I have kept very busy with
the gutsy release cycle.  Many of those applications have had multiple
uploads that I have provided debdiffs to my sponsors and had them updated
shortly thereafter.

A large focus for me this summer has been working with Colin Watson and Evan
on a ubiquity frontend for mythbuntu that has ended up in universe as well.
I have followed  their recommendations from and they regularly merge my
changes into the ubiquity trunk branch.  Some of the changes that have been
merged make it much easier for future ubiquity derivative frontends and
modifications to the GTK frontend from the ubuntu installer team.

Also, I have actively made an effort to helping users more with packaging.
When I have time in #ubuntu-motu, I have tried to help users and provide
small recommendations before a full fledged revu is made on their packages
by MOTU members.  I feel very confident in helping new packagers with the
tools and helping to point out their problems within packages.   Several
members from the ubuntu-mythtv team have taken an interest in packaging, and
I am currently helping to coach them as well. After helping some users in
#ubuntu-motu, persia has approached me and thanked me for helping this


Thank you for the additional consideration,

Mario Limonciello

On 6/6/07, Stefan Potyra <sistpoty at> wrote:
> Hi Mario,
> On Saturday 02 June 2007 04:09:04 Mario Limonciello wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I would like to apply for MOTU membership based upon the following
> > justification:
> [..]
> I've had to think hard to come to a decision here. What impresses me is
> how
> you handle mythtv and related packages, which are definitely some of the
> more
> advanced packages. I'm also pleased to see, that you're active when it
> comes
> to tracking bugs of mythtv. Also, I appreciate that you work together with
> Christian Marillat. Giving back fixes to debian (or in this case
> debian-multimedia, right?) is very important.
> However being a MOTU means that you can upload any packages in universe
> and
> multiverse. Likewise, it requires you to know the various processes
> involved.
> Having not sponsored/reviewed any of your work (or at least none that I
> can
> recall right now), I need to base my decision mainly on the feedback of
> your
> sponsors.
> Thus, I'd also like to see extend your skills a little bit more and get a
> broader view on MOTU land.
> -1 for now, but I hope that I can turn this into a +1 soon.
> Keep up the good work!
> Cheers,
>     Stefan.

Mario Limonciello
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