Issue with mir on Ubuntu Touch and Samsung Galax S3 (i9300)

flori at flori at
Mon Mar 27 08:57:18 UTC 2017

Good Morning,

thanks for the tips. So far I used repowerd-cli display to keep it on,  
and that seems to work also.

For the second part I played a bit, but not much success: Is there a  
way to debug why mir tests are mostly stuck (have to kill them with  
ps), and in logcat I find the EGL_BAD_DISPLAY error from my first mail.

Are there basic conformity tests that dont start a server, where I can  
play with the parameters? So far I tried to follow the page on  
Results are:

--gtest_filter="AndroidMirDiagnostics.can_allocate_sw_buffer" => OK
--gtest_filter="AndroidMirDiagnostics.can_allocate_hw_buffer" => OK
--gtest_filter="AndroidMirDiagnostics.client_can_draw_with_cpu" =>  
--gtest_filter="AndroidMirDiagnostics.client_can_draw_with_gpu" =>  
--gtest_filter="AndroidMirDiagnostics.display_can_post" => Stuck  
(never finishes)
--gtest_filter="AndroidMirDiagnostics.display_can_post_overlay" =>  
Stuck (never finishes)

libhybris tests:

test_egl: OK
test_glesv2: OK
test_hwcomposer: Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Is there maybe some issue with libhybris? I am also currently on Mir  
0.24 since that is shipped with the vivid image on Ubuntu Touch.

BR Florian

Quoting Daniel van Vugt <daniel.van.vugt at>:

> I know device screens turn black/off during testing, and it can be a  
> problem. I use a simple workaround for that when trying new Mir  
> binaries:
> $ sudo stop repowerd
> $ mirbacklight    # (or mirbacklight 99)
> On 25/03/17 05:35, Florian Leeber wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> I am faithfully trying to port the current Ubuntu Touch vivid image to
>> the Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300). Basically I have a good progress, the
>> phone is booting, kernel is fine, lxc container started etc...
>> But, again as already seen on a previous porting with an even older
>> device, I am stuck with graphics:
>> - regardless of the test I try (mir tests) I always get
>> libEGLvalidate_display:262 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY)
>> - screen stays dark (actually who is turning on and off the screen, and
>> where is the timer for the default screen blanking, can I disable that)
>> Can you help me to find out why this is happening? Basic test_egl and
>> test_glesv2 seem to be fine (though I cant tell for sure w/o a screen)
>> BR Florian

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