Alan Griffiths alan.griffiths at canonical.com
Wed Jun 21 09:07:01 UTC 2017

On 20/06/17 22:02, Florian Leeber wrote:
> Is this a usable backport for mir and vivid? In this case UBports could
> be interested to use it...

Unfortunately, no. It isn't a backport - the PPA was set up for the
convenience of Unity8 developers that wanted early access to features
under development in Mir. I don't think anyone is still using it for
that purpose.

The "daily builds" have been failing on Vivid since at least February,
(There are probably multiple reasons: tool-chain version, versioned
dependencies, language features, etc.) At the moment this PPA has daily
builds of the latest integrated development branch for the V, W, X, Y
and Z series. These are not gated by any QA process beyond "it's
committed and it builds". As the only series supported by Canonical are
X, Y and Z that seems unnecessary.

If it has a use I can update the PPA etc., but if, as I suspect, it
isn't useful, then I can clear it down.


For your use of Mir in UB ports, I'm keen to explore ways we can work
together. However, I don't see *this* PPA being useful to you.

IIUC UBports uses updates to Vivid corresponding to the "stable phone
overlay" (or is it still using the overlay PPA?), which is different to
all the Ubuntu series above.

Is "Vivid+Overlay" where you would want to deploy new releases of Mir?
Vivid has long been out of support, so I would expect that to be a
temporary measure and a move planned to 16.04LTS? (Or 18.04LTS?)

For reference:

    Vivid . . . . . . = Mir 0.12
    Vivid overlay = Mir 0.17
    Xenial . . . . . = Mir 0.26
    Zesty . . . . . = Mir 0.26
    This PPA . . . = development (Mir 0.27ish)

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