Ideas for improving the release process

Cemil Azizoglu cemil.azizoglu at
Fri Feb 12 17:08:23 UTC 2016


We talked about the release process and how it could be improved. Here are
some ideas. Please add if you have others.

(Jenkaas could be leveraged for some)

   1. Minimizing the manual steps (like creation of the next target branch
   on lp, etc) using scripts/launchpad API.
   2. 'make release' target that 'll check for ABI breakage, perhaps even
   prepopulate the changelog with some static info, etc.
   3. Downstreams' build/sanity testing could be done as part of MP
   autolanding to identify breaks.
   4. Downstreams' release testing. How useful are AP tests for U8
   and Browser? General opinion is 'not very'. Should we look into doing away
   with them? Or at least identify the subset of them that is relevant to Mir,
   and run them during every release as part of autolanding as a 'nonblocking'

As always I'll be creating a trello card for this.

Cemil Azizoglu
Mir Display Server - Team Lead
Canonical USA
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