Status of ubuntumirclient platform plug-in

Darren Landoll darren.landoll at
Tue Nov 17 23:09:05 UTC 2015

> Yes, I'm testing with the mir_demo_server snap from the store (snap1.1
> mvp-demo version). I am using a QML based application that implements
> it's own main() and loads QML files as resources.
> I have not tested with a QML file loaded by qmlscene in a snap though.

I have now tested with the qmldemo snapcraft example, which included
changes to the demo.qml file to accept keyboard input. I see no
keyboard or touch input with that example either.

I generated my own mir server snap against the latest binaries/libs on
my 15.04 machine and get this error thrown by the mir client code when
starting up (I've ran into this in the past and found no resolution,
only the mir.mvp-demo version ever works for me).

(amd64)ubuntu at localhost:~$ qmldemo.qmldemo
Loading module: ''
[1447801020.353893] Loader: Loading modules from:
[1447801020.354474] Loader: Loading module:
UbuntuWindow - regular geometry
terminate called after throwing an instance of
  what():  Unexpectedly received fds

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