Unity8, Mir & LXC for Xapps update June 18, 2015

Kevin Gunn kevin.gunn at canonical.com
Thu Jun 18 19:37:10 UTC 2015

Latest in Unity8 ui

   - Full shell rotation finally landed, really!
   - Slim greeter, working through remaining issues with fullscreen and
   - MP up for launcher alert (icon wiggling)
   - Worked on shadows for the scope card
   - Some more fixes for flaky tests
   - Started work on Unity Session service
   - Going through wireframes for convergence welcome wizard
   - Wrangling some issues on unity8 and arch dependencies
   - branch grooming for issues/comments on “polite” app closure, media
   playback in scopes, change in focus with visibility, Qt device pixel ratio

Latest in Mir

   - Worked through some wm requests with unity8 team, documented those for
   arch sign off
   - Refactoring/cleanup of WM code
   - Proper handling of “Application Not Responding”
   - Fd leak detection tests
   - Fixed symbols issue experienced after mirclient ABI bump (Also
   backported to 13.x branch to be released as 13.3)
   - Ongoing refinements in input stack towards the end goal of doing away
   with that of Android
   - Lag related refinements
   - Added client API to associate multiple buffer streams together
   - Implemented tests for mir-on-x

latest LXC for xapps

   - first pass at management tool for installing container done
   - merge container management scripts into an official project
   - discussed XMir socket arbitration and integration with u-a-l
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