My Last Week at Canonical

Robert Carr robert.carr at
Thu Jul 30 20:27:27 UTC 2015

Hi Everyone,

This Friday will be my last day at Canonical. I'd love to say good bye to
everyone in person on some Friday Happy Hour, but alas...mailing lists it
will be.

I feel so grateful not only to have had these 4 years at Canonical but to
have had the longer period with the Ubuntu community. I remember so well my
first Ubuntu Developers Summit in Seville...I was just a kid and it was the
most exciting thing I had ever done[1]!

For the encouragement I received in these early years I owe so much. Thank

Over the years so many people at Canonical and with Ubuntu have played a
role in shaping and guiding me to grow. Teaching me sometimes technically
or sometimes just about how to behave and think as a software engineer.
Other times just filling me up with passion and excitement...ah that
pleasant buzz arriving home from an Ubuntu Developers Summit. Thanks so
much to all of you!!!

I hope I've been able to give back and help Ubuntu and Canonical grow as

I'm happy to say I'll continue using Ubuntu as my primary operating system
and I'm happy to know the hands I'm leaving it in. I want you all to know
how much I still support what you are doing with Ubuntu and hope for the
continued success!

Let's keep in touch and connect on social media! I'll remain as racarr on
freenode. I'm around on facebook:
and twitter . My personal email is
racarrg at . I'll be remaining in San Francisco if you find yourself
passing through!


[1] Here's a picture I found of me from UDS Sevilla in 2007:
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