Mir sprint (July 6 - July 24)

Cemil Azizoglu cemil.azizoglu at canonical.com
Thu Jul 2 16:54:11 UTC 2015

Hi all,

We'll be starting a new sprint on Monday. I have updated trello and added a
few cards to the current sprint. During standup, we also went through the
existing cards and resized them except for the cards assigned to Chris and
Daniel (Can you guys please update your cards?).

Also, we have decided that owners put a question mark next to the updated
size so it can be discussed during standup and/or 2/3rds where the size be

​Also, if anybody feels their load in this sprint is light feel free to
pull in some of the high-priority cards from the backlog. Though it'd be
good to have a small amount of idle time for bugs, unplanned events etc.​

​Happy sprinting!​

Cemil Azizoglu
Mir Display Server - Team Lead
Canonical USA
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