Clients reading their surface position on screen

Robert Carr robert.carr at
Wed Jul 23 15:00:45 UTC 2014

Chiming in....but will admit to not having done a super detailed analysis..

I do have an objection to just exposing the global coordinate space.
Without getting in to specifics (so this doesn't become a line item debate
on those specifics), I think we can all agree that a global coordinate
space potentially presents issues and difficulties. The simplest way to
deal with these issues and difficulties is to chunk away the whole concept
:p. I haven't said anything not tautological there, but I felt it needed
stating as I feel in part of the discussion this is ignored. It's not just
a matter of "making an API work".

I don't think this has much to do with accessibility beyond a superficial

Some quick comments on practical solutions to the problem:

I'm a little skeptical of the idea that testing the full input stack in
autopilot application tests is necessary or is a significant contributor to
quality, I think it certainly confuses test scope which has it's own
consequences. My preferred solutions in order:

1. Do it all inside of Qt. Why not?
2. inject_event(client, event) testing API. This doesn't bother me much.
3. query_window_position API (this is neccessarily racy btw...)
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