Mir in a virtual machine

Alan Griffiths alan.griffiths at canonical.com
Wed Jan 22 17:36:54 UTC 2014

Hi Rian,

On 22/01/14 17:21, Rian Quinn wrote:
> Daniel,
> I was able to update my system, and my sources and was able to get Mir
> up and running.

that's great news!

> I am actually really impressed with the Mir source code. We were
> considering writing a lot of this ourselves, but I think that Mir has
> everything that we need already. 
> I do have a couple of questions. 
> - Does Mir support multiple monitors? If so, do you have any examples
> or at least a starting point on how to set that up.

Some stuff works but I'll leave someone else to respond with details.
(It isn't our current dev focus and I'm not sure of the current status.)

> - How does Mir handle surfaces with shapes cut out of them. For
> example, a smiley face where the background is shown through the eyes
> and mouth.

We support alpha blending - there are some examples with transparency

> - Do clients need to have root access. For the fingerprint test, I
> could not get it to run without a sudo.

They don't, but they need access to the socket (and the socket name
depends on the user).

So (assuming the server socket defaults to /tmp/mir_socket) you need:

sudo chmod +rw /tmp/mir_socket
/mir_demo_client_fingerpaint -m /tmp/mir_socket


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