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Rian Quinn rianquinn at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 17:21:28 UTC 2014


I was able to update my system, and my sources and was able to get Mir up
and running.

I am actually really impressed with the Mir source code. We were
considering writing a lot of this ourselves, but I think that Mir has
everything that we need already.

I do have a couple of questions.
- Does Mir support multiple monitors? If so, do you have any examples or at
least a starting point on how to set that up.
- How does Mir handle surfaces with shapes cut out of them. For example, a
smiley face where the background is shown through the eyes and mouth.
- Do clients need to have root access. For the fingerprint test, I could
not get it to run without a sudo.

- Rian

For others interested in how I got Mir up and running, here were my steps:

Install the 3.13 linux kernel. Here is what I used for that:

Install libDRM from the following PPA:

run sudo apt-get build-dep mir

Download and compile Mir form the following:

Download and compile Mir's version of Mesa and here are the compilation

I had to add --disable-dri3 to get it to compile, plus the

Once I was done with that, I could get the examples to execute.

On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 8:44 PM, Daniel van Vugt <
daniel.van.vugt at canonical.com> wrote:

> Rian,
> VMware (Thomas Hellstrom) has implemented Mir support. Apparently you need
> kernel 3.13 for the requisite graphics driver DRM changes. And you need a
> newish Mesa.
> I don't think anyone has documented the particulars yet. But we certainly
> should at least by the time regular Ubuntu (trusty?) has all the
> prerequisites in place.
> - Daniel
> On 22/01/14 05:08, Rian Quinn wrote:
>> Is it possible to get Mir up and running in a Virtual Machine. I have
>> both VMWare and VirtualBox. Currently, under VMWare, you get an error
>> about open_drm_device. Basically, I am working with Mir for some client
>> / server development, and would like to do testing in a virtual machine
>> to start.
>> Thanks,
>> - Rian
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