Is anyone particularly attached to the mir-android-trusty-i386-build test run?

Kevin DuBois kevin.dubois at
Thu Jan 9 00:34:14 UTC 2014

xnox hints here [1] that cmake recently gained the ability to cross compile
mir without any custom rigging. I haven't given this a try yet myself, but
if it works, I'd be happy to get rid of the scripts and
cmake/LinuxCrossCompile.cmake files.

I think that once we use the standard way to cross compile, we can dump the
cross compile jenkins job and just use the normal compile/test jobs.
I still think its a nice thing to check for the time being though.



On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 3:01 PM, Christopher James Halse Rogers <
raof at> wrote:

> Because I'd like to remove it, because adding a dependency on libudev to
> the android build makes very unhappy, and
> fixing it will be much more ugly and time consuming than documenting how
> to use an armhf schroot properly.
> I'll adjust appropriately.
> But the Jenkins instances don't have armhf schroots, and there's not a
> huge amount of point in giving them one, since we have actual armhf
> hardware (the only problems it would expose are problems with the qemu
> armhf emulator, which we don't really care about).
> So: do we need a Jenkins job explicitly testing cross-compile, given
> that this will only that our cross-compile doesn't expose bugs in qemu?
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