VLC params to play mir screencast output

Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at canonical.com
Mon Feb 17 02:56:48 UTC 2014


And this command works too (with BGRA as well):
mplayer -fixed-vo -demuxer rawvideo \
   -rawvideo fps=60:w=1920:h=1200:format=bgra /tmp/*bgra

Although it renders in a jerky way.

To create a lossless video file which plays back more realistically:
mencoder -demuxer rawvideo \
   -rawvideo fps=60:w=1920:h=1200:format=bgra /tmp/*bgra \
   -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=ffv1 -o all.avi

Obviously substitute "fps=60:w=1920:h=1200:format=bgra" as required.

- Daniel

On 15/02/14 00:55, Alberto Aguirre wrote:
> vlc --demux rawvideo --rawvid-fps <fps> --rawvid-width <width>
> --rawvid-height <height> --rawvid-chroma=RGBA <screencast_file>
> Note that at least in my vlc version (2.1.2) BGRA format in rawvid is
> not supported so you'll get flipped colors.

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