Debugging touch input problem

Neal Peacock neal at
Thu Sep 26 05:52:47 UTC 2013

I'm running down a touch screen input problem and I'm trying to figure 
out the right place to look.  I am porting ubuntu touch and the using 
mir.  My last issue is the touch screen input.  I was getting some very 
erratic results and I'm trying to figure out where it breaks.  The 
screen will react a little to touches but not accurately and most of the 
gestures do not work, the few that will are sporadic.  I have dumped out 
the touch results from the kernel and all the x,y and id values looks 
correct as far as I can tell. This driver works under LXDE and Android.  
lsof  seems to show unity is the only process watching these events and 
it looks like the mir library might be what actually handles input.

Is the mir server what handles touch input?

I've been checking through the source and I see a references to the 
Android touch input code.  I tried to enable the input report log but I 
don't seem to see any output with the upstart logs or in logcat.  Where 
does that report go?

Does the Android container need to have some touch input service running 
for it to work?  I can't see a service an obvious name.

Any help or thoughts appreciated, thank you.

Neal Peacock

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