Enhancements as opposed to bugs

Michał Sawicz michal.sawicz at canonical.com
Tue Oct 15 14:09:37 UTC 2013

On 15.10.2013 16:04, Daniel d'Andrada wrote:
> Bugs and new features are, on a slighly higher level, the same thing:
> work that has to be done on some piece of software, according to some
> specs, with a target milestone, an assignee, a given priority, a state
> (in progress, new, commited, released), a discussion around it, etc.
> At my previous job we had different systems for those (bugs and
> features) for a long time and it was awesome when we finally started
> using only one (the bug tracker, but tweaked a bit to better accommodate
> those two kinds of tasks) for everything. I think it's just natural to
> do so.

I believe the biggest problem with launchpad in that regard is that 
"Wishlist" is the lowest priority (Importance) level. You can't make an 
enhancement higher priority than a bug, that's why some clear 
distinguishing between a bug and a feature would be nice indeed.

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