Extra question for the FAQ

Joseph Rushton Wakeling joseph.wakeling at webdrake.net
Fri Oct 4 10:12:33 UTC 2013

Hi Kevin,

> first thanks for the kind words & willingness to try out Xmir.

You're very welcome. :-)

> As to receiving more updates in 13.10 per se, that is unlikely to happen since
> 13.10 is in a freeze state (see
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseSchedule) and we will be moving
> into our development phase for 14.04. And as such, I would envision many of the
> fixes we actually have in our hip pocket will be cleaned up and landed on our
> 14.04 development releases.

Thanks for the clarification.  The concern was really about how many of the 
current usability issues would be addressed in 13.10 and what would happen if 
they weren't fixed by final freeze.  But I should add that today's updates fixed 
the really major issue I was having -- this one:

So I'm now happily using Mir+XMir on my system (ThinkPad T420 with Intel 
graphics, plugged into external monitor/keyboard/mouse) with no obvious 
difference from just X.  I hope that experience is shared by other people.

The only other real usability issue I've been having is this one:

... but fortunately since 90% of the time I'm using an external monitor, it's 
not too big a deal (although obviously I'd love to see a fix in 13.10:-).

Anyway, thanks again and best wishes for a great Mir/XMir experience in 14.04 :-)

     -- Joe

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