Input plans

Daniel d'Andrada daniel.dandrada at
Wed Oct 2 08:06:35 UTC 2013

On 02/10/13 00:10, Daniel van Vugt wrote:
> Do we have a roadmap for how to deal with the future of Mir input?
> I mean, Mir uses Android input. When there's a bug or missing feature, 
> do we intend to maintain and branch the Android input code? Is that 
> more desirable than Mir having its own implementation to be molded as 
> required?

It's a fork of Android input code. Now it's pretty much intact (i.e. 
almost a verbatim copy of the original code) but the idea is that we 
will freely modify it to suite our needs (for better or worse). But once 
we start doing so we will also be taking in the burden of maintaining 
it. Which means covering it with tests etc. That's why I have been 
pushing some test-related patches for android-input code. Preparing the 
ground for upcoming modifications.

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