Untangling EventHub/InputReader

Christopher James Halse Rogers raof at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 11 04:59:23 UTC 2013

Hi all,

As a part of making Mir-on-the-desktop useful we'll need to make
touchpad (and, in general, non-touchcreen) support non-terrible.
Currently it looks like we basically take what evdev sends us and run
with it; to see how terrible that is, uninstall
xserver-xorg-input-synaptics and try to use your touchpad :).

So, we need to do some fairly significant post-evdev-pre-Mir filtering.
In order to make our lives easier this should be done by something like
libtouchpad¹. This means I'm in the market for reworking the ball of
cats that is 3rd_party/.../EventHub.cpp.

As I understand it, the EventHub is responsible for:
1) Discovering new/disappearing devices
2) Emitting events on hotplug
3) Initialising devices
4) Device configuration
5) Reading events from devices and spewing the raw evdev at the caller
6) Describing device capabilities
7) Translating between keycodes and scancodes
8) Getting axis values from devices
9) Vibrating the phone
Which seems a /little/ bit like a grab bag.

On top of that, InputReader appears to be responsible for processing the
raw evdev events into something that's actually useful.

This needs cleaning.

For a first go, and to allow me to add proper touchpad support in a sane
way, I think splitting out an honest Device class would be a good first
step in cleaning up.

This Device interface would be responsible for
1) Device initialisation
2) Device configuration
3) Reading events from the device, processing them, and emitting useful
output events
4) Describing device capabilities

If necessary there could be extra interfaces for touchscreens,
touchpads, keyboards, etc, but it looks to me like those are only
necessary because InputReader needs to do device post-processing.

Now, I'm not sure how we want to deal with wide-ranging changes to
3rd_party sources. Presumably we want to pull them into the src/ tree
and test it from there, and have 3rd_party have a weird dependency on


¹: https://github.com/whot/libtouchpad / also RAOF/libtouchpad
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