Mir stress testing

Alexandros Frantzis alexandros.frantzis at canonical.com
Tue May 21 07:53:56 UTC 2013

On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 02:13:04PM +1200, Thomi Richards wrote:


> So, at this point, I have a few questions for you all:
> 1) Is the mir client API designed to be thread-safe?

It's thread safe for different connections (which is the case here).

> 2) Have I actually uncovered a genuine issue, or is this a case of
> "Thomi is doing something dumb"? Can anyone else here reproduce these
> results?

I can reproduce what you are seeing. It's not easily reproducible on my
system (i.e. not consistent, and usually not in the first few
seconds), but it's there. I also sometimes get crashes in mir-stress
that don't affect the server.


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