Mir Qt dependencies update.

Robert Carr racarr at canonical.com
Tue May 14 06:12:23 UTC 2013

Hi! Hope everyone is well.

Spent some time yesterday rounding up the Mir Qt dependencies (primarily 
for Unity), and investigating Gerry's segfault with Qt-inprocess on android.

First! The issue I believe was straightforward, platform-api-mirserver 
functioned on Mesa (where EGLNativeWindowType==mir::shell::surface) by 
passing the surface through directly. Android requires an abstraction, 
i.e. the mir::graphics::InternalClient that landed in Kevin's branch to 
get at the native window.

So I made an updated platform API branch:


Containing both mirserver and mirclient versions.

Unfortunately there are two issues:

1. mir::graphics::InternalClient requires a Surface to get the 
EGLNativeDislayType, whereas Qt wants it while initializing the QScreen 
(before a Window[Surface] has been created). So we will need to iterate 
on this in the morning I think.
2. platform-api is in the process of a big refactoring, working with 
ricmm, hoping to land at the beginning of next week, until then will use 
this branch.

It is now built with
-DAPPLICATION_UI_IMPLEMENTATION=mirserver (or mirclient)

Qtubuntu mirclient (working) is available at 
and Qtubuntu mirserver at lp:~robertcarr/qtubuntu/mirserver, currently 
it will not link until the native display type is fixed.

The EGL header hack is still required, will sync up with Chris on this 

Didn't start thinking about integration testing seriously yet.

Hoping: Tomorrow, get qtubuntu inprocess working on android, early next 
week get it all landed (at least the unity/mir dependencies, while 
working out the unity/mir kinks concurrently).


What is the best Unity list.

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