Only shown red arrow for mir_demo_server && mir_demo_client?

Xiang Zhai xiangzhai83 at
Sat May 4 13:41:11 UTC 2013

Hi Mir developers,

When sudo mir_demo_server in VT1, only shown a red arrow in the middle 
of the screen!
Then sudo chmod 777 /tmp/mir_socket, run mir_demo_client in VT2, it 
still shown that red arrow switched back to VT1.
And switched to VT2, mir_demo_client already quit released connection && 

Do I need to try some other demo server && client to make my friends be 
amazed :)

I built the latest mir up-to-date by bzr pull from
And also built mesa from bzr+ssh://
What is more built drm from git://
Do I miss something else?

OS: Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit
VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor 
Graphics Controller (rev 09)

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