Fwd: Screen Blanking Power Management Requirements

Robert Carr robert.carr at canonical.com
Mon Jun 24 17:29:55 UTC 2013

Hi! There was a meeting today on power management requirements for Mir on
phablet. Sending out an email to capture the new requirements.

Essentially the model is as follows:

The shell will use it's event filter, to emit DBus events, i.e. Session
Idle (say no input in X minutes), Session Unidle.

powerd will listen to these events and combine power management policy
(i.e. do we blank the screen on idle? perhaps there is a video playing, so
we do not at the moment), and in many cases ask the shell again "blank".

So the requirement on Mir is for methods on mg::Display to blank/unblank
the display. Is someone able to take this as a work item?

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