Is there someone want to play with gdk mir backend only just for fun?

Leslie Zhai xiangzhai83 at
Mon Jun 24 08:55:15 UTC 2013


Cool :)

I will play with Gdk Mir backend, the source code might be host in github.

> Leslie,
> I would love to do the GDK backend. And have been hoping to find the 
> time to do so, but it's not a team priority just yet.
> If you or anyone else has the time then please do. GDK, and hence 
> native GTK apps, would be cool.
> - Daniel
> On 22/06/13 16:51, Leslie Zhai wrote:
>> Hi Mir developers,
>> I see there is already Qt + Mir couples, but maybe someone want to play
>> with Gdk Mir backend even if just for fun :)
>> If someone want to break up Mir && Qt replaced with Gtk, please let me
>> know :)

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