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Jono Bacon jono at
Thu Jun 20 22:55:34 UTC 2013


Some time ago I asked Daniel Holbach to coordinate with the Mir team to
improve the documentation on to make it simple to
participate in Mir development. I think Daniel and the team did a great job

There are now some other documentation needs that I think we need in light
of recent discussions:

 * How to write a a Mir backend for a window manager / toolkit. This could
really help other projects that are interested in supporting Mir.

 * How to build Mir for non-Ubuntu systems. Jef Spaleta shared this concern
with me this week, and I think some more generic build instructions would
be useful.

 * How to write a driver that supports Mir. This could be of interest for a
hardware company who is interested in exploring Mir support for their

I have Daniel to take care of working with our community and Mir engineers
to put together these docs. Is anyone willing to help contribute to putting
this content together as part of this effort?



Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager /
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