Running Mir on phablet

Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at
Tue Jul 30 08:38:01 UTC 2013

SurfaceFlinger actually coexists with Mir so long as it's not being used 
(Unity8). It's quite happy to let Mir flip buffers when it's not (stop 
ubuntu-touch-session USER=phablet).

My issue is that I can't start Mir if it happens that the screen has 
been turned off (locked/screensaver). Mir doesn't have the smarts to 
know how to turn it on. Unless I'm doing something wrong...

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On 30/07/13 16:24, Kevin Gunn wrote:
> Hey Daniel,
> I'm no expert, but is there a chance you're fighting with
> surfaceflinger...this is what the intended Kevin usually says.
> Apparently its fairly stubborn about being killed (and tries
> aggressively restart)
> Also, mterry had put together some updated instructions
> just in case things have change from what process you might be following.
> it has some surface flinger related instructions at the bottom...hoping
> it helps.
> br,kg
> On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 3:06 AM, Daniel van Vugt
> <daniel.van.vugt at <mailto:daniel.van.vugt at>>
> wrote:
>     Kevin, anyone,
>     I notice running Mir on the latest phablet images (Nexus 4) is still
>     not foolproof. Half the time, when I stop Unity8, that completely
>     blanks the screen which prevents any Mir server from starting.
>     Mir can only start, it seems, if the screen is not fully blanked. If
>     it is blanked then I get permission errors (failed to unblank
>     display), even running as root.
>     What's the trick/recommended approach? It seems my old tricks don't
>     work any more now the phablet images are "flipped".
>     - Daniel
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