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Mon Jul 15 17:37:19 UTC 2013

Hi Daniel,

thanks for pointing this out. Can you help me understand the impact a bit

On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 9:31 PM, Daniel van Vugt <
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> It finally happened. lp:mir now depends on C++11 features and external
> packages (google-mock) too heavily to be buildable on raring any more.
> Essentially the main problem is that raring uses gcc-4.7 and Mir's code
> depends on more complete C++11 features that only work in gcc-4.8. The
> other issue is that Mir now depends on saucy-specific hacks in the
> google-mock package, which can't be found elsewhere.
> This is a little disappointing. If anyone would like to take on the
> project of making the Mir source more backward compatible, then feel free.
> But maintaining compatibility with raring has now taken up too much of my
> time...

Looking at your initial mail, the main motivator for offering to support
Raring was that your own development environment is not on saucy yet
(though it should;). From this mail I take that gcc 4.8 and gmock test are
not available on R but became a requirement.

Is there any other benefit that we can think of that is currently being
impacted by this incompatibility with R?

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