Compatibility is dead

Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at
Mon Jul 15 03:31:14 UTC 2013

It finally happened. lp:mir now depends on C++11 features and external 
packages (google-mock) too heavily to be buildable on raring any more.

Essentially the main problem is that raring uses gcc-4.7 and Mir's code 
depends on more complete C++11 features that only work in gcc-4.8. The 
other issue is that Mir now depends on saucy-specific hacks in the 
google-mock package, which can't be found elsewhere.

This is a little disappointing. If anyone would like to take on the 
project of making the Mir source more backward compatible, then feel 
free. But maintaining compatibility with raring has now taken up too 
much of my time...

- Daniel

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