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Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Wed Jul 3 23:34:06 UTC 2013

Same branches? Really?  It's not clear to me at all. Regardless of who
said what... so far in this discussion I've seen 3 sets of
instructions with regard to mesa xserver

To be clear:
So far in this thread I have been pointed to both branch egl-platform-mir branch vladmir

As well as just
with no specific branch indicated.

And then it was stated that the vladmir branch is out of date and
vladmir-ubuntu should be used instead.
Based on the evolving discussion this week, I sort of feel like if I
ask again next week, the correct branches with change again.
Please understand that you may view this back and forth on this list
as valid instructions all pointing to the same thing. But right now...
I see 3 different sets of git branch instructions on this list and no
consensus as to which branches are supposed to be codified in the
instructions at with regard to custom mesa and

Please huddle up on irc or wherever and get some consensus on which
mesa and xserver branches are the correct ones and then document those
in the build from source instructions meant to be used in " building
the custom Mesa yourself and ensuring it can be found by Mir" as
described on this page:  This page makes
passing reference to to need for custom builds of these things but
provides no reference to how to obtain them other than the ppa build.

And I'll re-iterate that there is still no reference to any mesa or
xserver branch at just mir
itself.  This continues to be insufficient for any one looking to
build and test Mir from source instead of the ppa. So can you please
get which ever mesa and xserver branches are needed enshrined in those


On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 1:04 PM, Robert Ancell
<robert.ancell at> wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 7:20 PM, Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at>
> wrote:
>> On 02.07.2013 18:31, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
>> > And a couple of other questions.
>> >
>> > Daniel, assuming Mir builds.. is this sufficient to get Mir up and
>> > running and test mir native clients in a repeatable way as part the
>> > documented instructions for testing? Same with xmir.  If I want to
>> > smoke fvwm2 on top of xmir, is this sufficient? Or do I need to also
>> > build mir capable lightdm as the dm to manage creating the xmir backed
>> > session?
>> I'll leave this question to the more experienced developers.
> You don't need to run LightDM to run Mir or XMir.
>> > I am a bit concerned that Daniel and  Robert are suggesting different
>> > git branches for the patched mesa and xserver.  Are they equivalent
>> > for basic smoke testing? Perhaps you guys need to huddle up and come
>> > to agreement as to which specific branches should be codified for
>> > externals now to pull when doing the first build from source,
>> > especially now a new ppa has been created and codified in the docs to
>> > replace the staging ppa. is the new ppa automation pulling for the
>> > branches that Robert pointed me to?  I would hope that the specific
>> > branches in the build from source instructions match what is getting
>> > pulled into the ppa automation.
>> I just tried to make use of the branches which Robert suggested. If
>> anyone can help specify this any further, let me know.
> Not sure which Daniel is being referred to but as far as I can tell we are
> referring to the same branches.

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