Crossing namespaces

Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at
Wed Jul 3 10:09:55 UTC 2013

I should also mention the below namespaces/directories are already 
underneath src/server/. So if they're used outside of the server then we 
should fix that too.

On 03/07/13 18:08, Thomas Voß wrote:
> Hey Daniel,
> I think pulling everything under mir::server is difficult as some of
> the functionality is shared with the client and potentially testing
> infrastructure, too. My proposal would be that we refactor into more
> appropriate namespaces if required/when severe issues are encountered.
> Doing a full sweep right now seems to be overkill to me.
> What do you think?
> Thomas
> On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 12:00 PM, Daniel van Vugt
> <daniel.van.vugt at> wrote:
>> Looking through our class hierarchies, particularly in the server, it occurs
>> to me that we cross namespaces a few times. This is particularly apparent
>> trying to trace server logic through multiple subdirectories, which it
>> crosses a lot. I'm referring mainly to:
>> mir::graphics::
>> mir::compositor::
>> mir::surfaces::
>> mir::frontend::
>> These namespaces are often so related and interdependent that I can't see
>> the justification in them being separate. It just makes things more
>> complicated. And if they should be separate then they're not quite separated
>> in an optimal way yet.
>> Does anyone have a good reason why server classes shouldn't live under
>> mir::server:: ? I don't imagine many of the sub-namespaces are really
>> required or even logical any deeper than that.
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