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Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at
Tue Jul 2 08:32:36 UTC 2013

I think Robert's list is a superset. Technically you only need two of 
them, in theory:
    1. lp:mir
    4. branch egl-platform-mir
That's enough to run a basic server and native client, in a VT.

But Robert's list below is the full set of projects the Mir team is 
looking after. Canonical also has other Mir-related projects not on the 
list, such as the Qt Unity8 work.

On 02/07/13 13:14, Robert Ancell wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 5:20 AM, Jeff Spaleta
> <jspaleta at <mailto:jspaleta at>> wrote:
>     Morning,
>     For starters to smoke test Mir I need:
>     The... canonical...set of branches for Mir and its dependencies as
>     used in current Mir development workflow necessary to smoke test a
>     binary mir in a locally controlled clean build environment
>     (/usr/local) so that I can use environment variables to switch from
>     the environment provided dependencies to the mir specific dependencies
>     if the environment does not provide them.  Current build from source
>     and test implicitly assumes you are going to pull patched deps from
>     ppa staging which implicitly assumes a very specific environment thus
>     a non-starter for anyone not using that environment.
> I figure you have them, but for an official statement to the list the
> branches you need are:
> 1. lp:mir
> 2. lp:unity-system-compositor
> 3. lp:~mir-team/lightdm/unity [1]
> 4. branch egl-platform-mir
> 5. branch vladmir
> 1 and 2 are CMake and 3, 4 and 5 are autotools. So they should in theory
> work fine in /usr/local though it's probably not well tested.
> Dependencies are specified in the build systems for each and as far as I
> know don't require anything non-standard over what their upstreams provide.
> --Robert
> [1] Though I have just merged the main portion of this into lp:lightdm,
> it's probably safer to use the ~mir-team branch at this point in time.

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