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Michał Sawicz michal.sawicz at canonical.com
Thu Dec 12 08:20:16 UTC 2013

On 12.12.2013 02:19, Daniel van Vugt wrote:
> "0.1.2" is the upstream version number, and there is only one tarball;
> https://launchpad.net/mir/+milestone/0.1.2
> I'm not sure where the suggestion of multiple upstream tarballs comes from.

Do you bump the upstream version number between packages into going into 
Ubuntu? As in - is there really only one code tree per-upstream-version?

It's not the case for most other projects under daily release, at least 
- we only bump the version numbers when needed for dependency reasons 
(or well, when it makes sense). Difference is we're not doing dev branch 
vs. trunk, all code goes into trunk, and it's the release team that 
ultimately decides when to release. Sure, we could bump after each 
release, but that's what the automagic release does for us, effectively. 
It's a kind-of-rolling-release scenario for us.

> For iterations between upstream releases, we have the -NubuntuM suffix.
> That's what it's for (!?).

Downstream releases, no? You can't change the upstream code between 
differently-suffixed packages (other than putting patches in debian/, 
that is).

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