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Robert Ancell robert.ancell at
Wed Aug 21 05:23:28 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I just did a big clean out of the staging PPA [1] so it's in better shape.

In particular:
- No more build failures
- No more packages not related to Mir
- Only supports saucy

This PPA is useful in that you can get:
- The latest version of Mir packaged from trunk
- The latest version of Unity System Compositor packaged from trunk - BUT
since libmirserver doesn't have a stable API/ABI there is a chance that the
built package in the PPA doesn't match the mir package.
- Experimental SDL builds with Mir support

So with the caveat that you have to rebuild anything that depends on
libmirserver this PPA is useful for cherry-picking bleeding edge packages.
It's not suitable for day-to-day use - for that continue to use the main
archive which is populated by the daily landing system.


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