Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at
Tue Apr 23 02:02:52 UTC 2013


I've noticed that we're usually split in style within mir-team. Though 
it often seems a little skewed as some of the team is working on 
projects outside of lp:mir so do not express as many opinions.

Being split, it's clear that a unanimity/veto approach to code reviews 
will not work. So I suggest:

A proposal requires two approvals to land. Opposing reviews should be 
considered by those who Approve and a final decision made by Approvers. 
Those who oppose a proposal have the right to have their position 
considered by those who approve it. However disapproval should not 
always be a veto. This should apply to lp:mir.

Further to recent experience, I think it's inappropriate to apply the 
same rules when proposing a merge into someone's personal branch. You 
should not be able to force the owner of a branch to accept changes that 
he does not want his name on.

We're not going to find unanimity very often. So I would hope we can at 
least agree on a basic approach to breaking the regular deadlocks and 
getting code landed. I'm sure we're all tired of iterating the same 
branches week after week.

- Daniel

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