Alan Griffiths alan.griffiths at
Wed Apr 17 12:08:48 UTC 2013

On 16/04/13 22:45, Robert Carr wrote:
> In the case of the shell configuration, the intent was to allow
> overriding of the session store dependencies constructed in
> the_session_manager without overriding the entire construction. I felt
> strange adding many more methods to the already polluted
> default_server_configuration (the_focus_sequence, the_focus_setter,
> the_placement_strategy, etc...) so it felt appropriate to build some
> hierarchy. In this case the dependencies (placement strategy, etc..)
> live in the same name space and there is no attempt at isolation, only
> organization. 

I can see this approach - the master config having some member config
objects with reduced scope.  But for this approach to be followed
consistently the ShellConfiguration should be held in the
DefaultServerConfiguration by a shared_ptr, not a CachedPtr (and it
should not strong references to anything that isn't another
configuration object.)

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