I need some help to fully understand the buffers design

Eleni Maria Stea elenimaria.stea at canonical.com
Thu Apr 4 08:06:58 UTC 2013

Hello everyone :)

I am trying to create an SDL backend for mir so that mir can run inside
X using SDL functions for the display/input handling. For the buffer
exchange part, I tried to use the existing GBM at first, as some people
suggested, but after some tests I did outside mir, it seems that you
can't have the GBM/DRM working under X (you cannot create the gbm device).

Since, in the current implementation the client and the server can only
exchange drm or android buffers, I have to create a 3rd type of buffers
that can use the same IPC mechanism with the gbm/android ones. I would
really really appreciate if you could give me a high level overview of
the buffers design to save me some time!

Thanks a lot!!

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