glmark2 for Mir

Thomi Richards thomi.richards at
Tue Apr 2 03:52:57 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

On 28/03/13 20:53, Alexandros Frantzis wrote:
> Hi Thomi,
> lp:glmark2 contains a backend for mir, but with the latest changes in
> lp:mir, it now fails to build. Since we haven't yet stabilized our
> headers/API, and to avoid flooding upstream with changes, I will create
> lp:~mir-team/glmark2/mir and continue development there.  When we
> stabilize I will push our changes upstream.

I tried building lp:~mir-team/glmark2/mir and failed. It looks like this
branch hasn't been updated for a while? I went ahead and created
which contains the header file location fix required to build lp:glmark2
against the latest libmirclient-dev package sin the staging PPA. I also
had to hack the packaging branch a fair bit in order to get this to build.

There's a build recipe here:

That's now set to build daily. If/when it starts failing I'll try and
fix it up again. My next step is to get glmark2 running on top of mir on
the testing laptop, and then finally to automate the whole thing on the
jenkins infrastructure.


Thomi Richards

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