Docs for "MAAS 2.0" claim static-route support.

John Meinel john at
Mon Feb 27 20:34:01 UTC 2017

I was implementing support for static routes in containers (part of bug
#1653708). I consulted the MAAS API docs to see if the API existed in 2.0:

Would seem to indicate that the API is indeed, available in 2.0.

However, our MAAS 2.0 clearly does not have that endpoint available:

2017-02-27 17:55:46 WARNING juju.provisioner ... unable to look up
static-routes: unexpected: ServerError: 404 NOT FOUND (Unknown API
endpoint: /MAAS/api/2.0/static-routes/.)

I can certainly work around that on my end.

However, is there something about how the docs are updated that are causing
the "2.0" docs to include endpoints that aren't present in 2.0?

I can't say the exact version of the MAAS controller personally. It is our

I'll also note that you can't tell if the API supports it from the api
version string, which seems to only say "2.0" for both MAAS 2.1 and for
MAAS 2.0 even though there are different APIs available in 2.1. (I know
there is always tension in versioning, but I wanted to give some feedback
that bumping the version when you add things is actually pretty useful for
people who want to be compatible with *both* versions, so they can tell
them apart.)

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