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> Under Subnets // IP ranges // Reserved range the documentation says "An IP
> range that MAAS will never use... For an unmanaged subnet, only addresses
> in this range are used." I'm not sure what that second sentence is supposed
> to be saying. Maybe it's a pasto and just needs to be deleted?

   Starting with MAAS 2.2, there are two modes for a subnet: managed and
unmanaged. Prior to MAAS 2.2, MAAS 2.x always assumed it had full control
over all IP addresses allocated on a subnet. So if are managing a subnet
with MAAS and you declare a reserved range, that means MAAS will *exclude*
any reserved range (though you can still add a specific device and specify
that it resides in a reserved range).

   In MAAS 2.2, if you are using an unmanaged subnet, the behavior is
reverse: when allocating IP addresses, MAAS will assume it does NOT have
full control of the subnet, and only *include* IP addresses in reserved
ranges. This way, if your IT department gives you a small range of IP
addresses that MAAS is allowed to use on a subnet, it's easy to mark the
subnet "unmanaged" and reserve only those ranges which MAAS is allowed to

   So that statement is accurate, though I agree it's a bit confusing and

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