Sticking MAAS behind https for web and api?

Jim Tilander jim at
Wed Feb 15 02:44:38 UTC 2017


So I’ve been trying to stick my server behind https, with little success. 

I’ve added an extra site in the apache config and stuck a certificate in place. I can hit https and the site *kind* of works, but there are still some strange redirects back to regular http (notably after the login). 

Is there any config that I can modify to disable the redirects to regular http?

There is also a config file in /etc/maas/regiond.conf (I think that’s the file from memory here) that list the twisted port the python service is running under. This is a http port. Is there any way that I can change this to be served under https? (simply changing it to https doesn’t seem to work so well).


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