WiFi connection drops, reconnects every 10 minutes

Andres Rodriguez andres.rodriguez at canonical.com
Tue Feb 14 23:20:17 UTC 2017

Hey Dustin,

See inline.

On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 5:46 PM, Dustin Kirkland <kirkland at canonical.com>

> I recently moved my home DHCP and DNS server over to MAAS (2.1.3 from
> xenial-updates).
> Since doing so, I've noticed that my wifi connection drops and
> reconnects (with corresponding Unity pop-up notifications) exactly
> every 10 minutes.
It is strange to me that your machine wifi connection drops when it renews
a lease. Personally, I've never experienced such behavior. Could this be a
bug in network manager ?

> I suppose this is due to the fact that MAAS sets DHCP leases to 10
> minutes by default?

The dynamic range has been intentionally configured to have a short lived
lease. This is because machines that enlist/commission obtain IP address
from these range, and holding long leases causes IP exhaustion. Machines in
the dynamic lease are not ensure to keep their leases forever. This is why
we allow the creation of devices with a 'Static' IP address.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?
> Is there a suitable workaround?  Increasing the DHCP lease time?
> Using static addresses?  Something else?

You need to register your machine with an static IP assignment, and MAAS
will create a hostmap for your machine.

'Nodes' > 'Device' > 'Add device' > 'IP Assignment -> Static IP'

If you want to do further configuration of your DHCP server, then you need
to use DHCP snippets. You can create custom snippets per device.

'Settings' > 'DHCP Snippets'

Hope this helps.

> Happy to file a bug, if this would be better discussed there, but I
> thought I'd start here, in case this is a project design issue...
> Thanks,
> Dustin Kirkland
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> Canonical, Ltd.
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