IPMI timeouts for Dell R630 machines?

Junaid Ali junaidali at xgrid.co
Tue Feb 14 11:11:33 UTC 2017

Just for information, if anyone hitting this issue on HP Proliant DL380p
machines and IPMI over LAN is also enabled, updating to latest Integrated
Lights-Out (ILO) firmware, fixed the issue for me.


On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 2:00 PM, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> On 13/02/17 22:13, Sandor Zeestraten wrote:
> > Enabling IPMI over LAN (and anything else iDRAC related) is pretty
> > straightforward if you use racadm. Check out the link below.
> >
> > http://www.dell.com/support/manuals/no/no/nobsdt1/dell-
> idrac-service-module-2.0/idrac8_ug_pub-v1/Configuring-
> IPMI-Over-LAN-Using-RACADM?guid=GUID-B5132B9F-5DF3-400C-
> AE33-FA5DA7D66B6A&lang=en-us
> For certified machines, this sort of thing should be handled
> automatically by MAAS. Commissioning the machine in MAAS implies you
> want network IPMI control of the machine, and debugging this is
> difficult for someone new to the whole world.
> Servers should not get Ubuntu certification unless this stuff "just
> works", which means MAAS should enable this itself during enlistment.
> Also, MAAS should not be accepting machines during enlistment that it
> cannot then drive over the network; if the BMC is unreachable for
> example then I would expect a bunch of logs about failed enlistments,
> and WHY they failed, and MAAS should not create credentials for itself
> in those cases.
> So during enlistment:
>  * we detect the IPMI details and enable network access if necessary
>  * we test that we can reach the BMC from a rack controller
>  * we add the secure MAAS credentials for the BMC
>  * we verify that we can test power
>  * then we consider the enlistment a success and record the machine
>    (otherwise, we note the failure and give reasons / pointers in the
> GUI and log)
> Mark
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