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On Fri, Feb 10, 2017 at 11:39 AM, Mark Shuttleworth <mark at> wrote:

> Well, hold on. If you are suggesting that we use URL's like /foo/vlan/5020
> and expect people to know that the 5020 is not actually a weird vlan, then
> I disagree. If you're suggesting something else, I couldn't follow, sorry
> for being dense :)

No, I actually agree; we can certainly still improve on this. Maybe by
transforming it to base64 or similar, so it's clear that it's just an
opaque identifier. I wasn't defending the current implementation, just
trying to explain the current situation and some of the subtleties of it.
(If I remember correctly, it was a bug fix late in MAAS 1.9. Originally the
VID namespace overlapped completely with these identifiers, which could
have been complete chaos and confusion.)

Hmmmm.... this is basically right, I just wouldn't call it a shared-subnet
> (don't know what that is).

Generally, I find that auto-creating something just to maintain a 1:1
> relationship with something else is a bad idea. It leads to making up names
> for things. As in this example.

Yes; well, that's what the ISC DHCP server calls it, so MAAS doesn't really
have a say in the debate. (Correction: the configuration item is
"shared-network"; I didn't recall correctly.) There was no forcing function
for the auto-creation; it just so happened that this ISC DHCP concept lined
up nicely with VLANs in MAAS. Both models describe a Layer 2 network and
its associated DHCP-enabled interfaces, subnets, and ranges.

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